We use a unique approach to gather our river data.

Data sets

Each river data set offers measurement from over 10 million data points.


Our data benefits a wide variety of resource professionals.

Our Mission:
To provide the most accurate and complete river data coupled to mapping and analysis tools available anywhere.


Empower all concerned and interested parties, federal and state, public and private, with the necessary data that maximizes understanding of riverine environments and ensures optimal management of this most vital shared resource.

Enable river professionals, fisheries, and wildlife biologists to better understand, manage, and restore endangered species habitat.

Enable hydro-electric power generation facilities to optimize management of stream flows in order to meet the needs of all constituents, including power consumers, agricultural, transportation, and recreation interests, and wildlife habitat managers and biologists.

Let us introduce ourselves

Freshwater Map

Freshwater Map is the result of Dr. Mark Lorang’s 30-plus years of research in oceanography and limnology.  Dr. Lorang is a pre-eminent expert in the study of sediment transport and 3-D flow analysis in aquatic environments.

The idea to start a company that takes analysis of aquatic environments into the big data era first germinated when discussing the limitations of current methods of defining, quantifying, and locating optimum habitat for endangered species as related to flow regulation.  Mark’s extensive experience measuring flow and depths in aquatic environments and how those metrics contribute to better understanding river ecosystems from habitat analysis to sediment transport issues brought a new perspective to a persistent challenge for managers of river users:  

How do we best manage public aquatic resources for all parties including wildlife managers, hydro-electric dam operators, agricultural, recreation, and transportation interests?

A little about our methods and technologies

How We Do It

Using the most sophisticated equipment available today together with customized software and a dedicated team of highly skilled river technicians, GIS specialists, and software programmers, Freshwater Map defines and maps aquatic environments by collecting millions of data points both above and below the water.  

Our highly detailed data sets are used to discover optimum amount and location of aquatic habitat.  Armed with this information, managers and users of this public resource are able to better coordinate their activities to more efficiently, effectively, and economically meet the needs of their respective constituencies.

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25 Million +

Data Points

100 Thousand +

Potential Applications

10 Thousand +

Hours Labor

100+ Years

Team Experience

The only choice for complete freshwater current, depth, and temperature data.

The Most Detailed Data Available

Freshwater Map offers annual licenses for access to immense data sets collected on rivers. These include standard maps as well as any customization to meet our clients’ specific needs. Accessed through standard web browsers, no additional software is required to be resident on clients’ computers.

Our Maps

Freshwater Map provides detailed maps based on immense data sets collected at various volumetric flow rates (typically high water in spring and low water in fall). The volume and specific data metrics we capture, when processed with our River Analyzer Software, enable us to generate a wide variety of both standard and customized maps based on our client needs.

Better Data

We directly measure river systems. These direct measurements enable us to define habitat at an extraordinarily detailed level. The result is highly accurate data with better resolution than has ever before been available.

Our data sets can also be used to validate and/or enhance existing models.

Our Difference

Freshwater Map utilizes Lagrangian specification of the flow field as our teams literally run the river.  Our river teams capture 3-D flow, depth, temperature, and hundreds of other metrics twice each second as we flow with the current at speeds of about 1.5 meters/second.  Data sets include tens of millions of data points for each river we analyze.

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