We empower river professionals by gathering and providing empirical river flow data.  Our data can be used to measure 3 things that everyone modeling rivers needs:

1.) River Bathymetry – the Measurement of River Depth

2.) Cross-sections of River Flow

3.) Water Surface Slope

By using our state of the art equipment, and direct measurement methods, we can provide data that benefits everyone in the river consulting world.

Collecting field data can be very expensive and very difficult, but we are very good at it. We make it easy for consultants to avoid the hassle of data collection, so that they can focus on the core of their work: creating river flow models. Generally, the collection of field is an area where consultants lose money, due to the incredible costs of labor and equipment required.

We offer data collection services to directly gather traditional cross-sectional data, as well as bathymetric data over very broad distances. We can cover up to 50 river km/day for $15,000 per day plus staging and decommission fees, which are simply what it costs to get our team to the river and back.

If you are a consultant or river professional in need of data gathering services, we are here to help. Send us a message via our contact us page to schedule a presentation or request a proposal.