The questions we are asked most often and our answers to them

How much does it cost to get this data?

A lot less than traditional methods and it’s a lot more accurate than model output. If you have a project you’d like us to cost for you, please contact us. Once we discuss the details, we’ll provide you with a firm cost to meet your objectives.

How soon after collecting the data is it available?

The data sets are available about a week after we return from collecting. They’re typically a bit unwieldy. Processed data take a little more time. We can usually have finished maps available to clients a month after we’re back from the field.

Explain the data license – what does it enable?

We provide term licenses for the data we collect in an effort to make it more affordable for each client. Rather than one agency or group paying a high cost of data acquisition and analysis and then sharing it with others, we provide licenses for each group at a lower cost thereby sharing the burden across the community.

The license includes the raw data set and the analysis done by Freshwater Map to answer the specific research questions posed. As with most scientific discovery, confirmation or rejection of an initial hypothesis always leads to more questions. Many of those questions can be answered through further analysis of the existing, or augmented, data set. Of course, we can help with further analysis as required.

For how long, approximately, is the data accurate?  

Rivers, as we all know, change. Different rivers change at different rates. Our analysis can help clients better understand the rate of change that occurs with different flow regimes. The data set of bathymetry and 3-D flow characteristics of a single river with constant flow over cobbles and boulders will remain unchanged for years. he same parameters on a river with highly variable flow and high sediment transport characteristics may be accurate for weeks. Understanding the dynamics of the river and how it will change under different flow regimes is required to fully understand the manage the resource.

Do you supply the river teams that gather the data?

Yes. We have the best river data collection crew on the planet. Each team member is trained to maximize the accuracy of the data collected. All have extensive whitewater, computer and wilderness travel experience. Sometimes they have a hard time believing they’re being paid for their job.

What purposes might the data be used for?

The uses for these data are limited only by the creativity and imagination of those using it.

A few examples of how our clients are using existing data sets: determine abundance and location of habitat for species of concern and how these parameters change across different flow volumes. Drift maps are used to determine optimum flow regimes to maximize successful reproduction of specific species. Temperature maps are used to help determine habitat suitability at specific locations throughout rivers.

Am I allowed to share the data?

We will provide as many licenses as are necessary to answer research questions and support or reject hypotheses. As with any license for proprietary intellectual property, sharing the data with those not licensed to access the data violates the license.

If you have any other questions, please contact us.