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The Most Detailed Data Available

Freshwater Map offers annual licenses for access to immense data sets collected on rivers. These include standard maps as well as any customizations to meet our clients’ specific needs. Accessed through standard web browsers, no additional software is required to be resident on clients’ computers

Examples of customized maps include:

River Temperature maps – Detailing water temperature along hundreds of miles of river and showing how that changes with flow variation.

Flow Variability maps  – Show how the flow volume increases and decreases due to effects of local water tables, stream confluences, draws for agriculture, and other factors.

Habitat Area maps – Freshwater map can define and geolocate areas of a river that meet requirements of optimum habitat suitability for any species for which a habitat suitability index is defined.  Habitat is typically defined using multiple variables including depth, flow, and substrate composition.  We generate three separate maps showing (1) flow velocity in meters/second, (2) depth in meters, and (3) a third map which combines these two variables into one single metric that that describes the energetic value of the flow, also known as the Froude number.

Drift Vectors and Velocity maps –  These maps show the direction and velocity of current in the river at discrete depths.  From bottom boundary layer for negatively buoyant objects such as sturgeon eggs or spilled oil to the upper levels of the water column, these maps show where in the river objects will drift.

Kootenai River Data

Full data set of downloadable map files.

Missouri River Data

Full data set of downloadable map files.

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